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April Fool’s Surf

On April Fool’s I woke up early to my son’s alarm clock. It was a really relaxing sound, probably pretty easy to sleep through it. I wanted to but he had other plans. This 13-year-old boy was going surfing. I made a coffee, he packed up his board and gear, and off we went. It’s about a 10-minute drive over the bridge and onto Carolina Beach. Halfway down the road we make a big U-turn and head up Canal Drive. The bumpiest road around, Canal Drive becomes a canal during king tides and hurricanes.

We parked up at a friends house and I followed a group of surfers to the beach access. There we were greeted with some quality 4-5 foot waves and about 20-30 surfers enjoying a morning paddle. The beach has just been renourished and is as wide as I’ve ever seen it. Here is a video of the pics I managed to capture and some original music to go with it. I record this music in my home studio and play all the instruments. I might as well combine both passions and create some content, Enjoy!

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