Where are these scissors manufactured?

A lot of consumers world wide wonder where the products they purchase are produced. At PRO 420 we do not keep secrets easily.  The idea to produce a customized scissor started in July 2013 and was followed by an incredible amount of searching for the perfect manufacturer.  We needed a producer who was easy to communicate with, who would meet our strict quality control and who would be willing to customize their scissors for our needs.

The first manufacturer we chose is located in China, and is a leading manufacturer of every day scissors for companies world wide. They produce a very fine bonsai scissor and we worked with them over several months customizing the scissor.  We customized the handle, chose the specific green coloring, worked on the action of the blades and found a factory that produces teflon coating.  We are very happy with the result of our Classic scissor and so are our customers.

The second manufacturer was a little easier to find, as our families had worked together in the past. My father and grandfather had chosen this Taiwanese manufacturer and their superior implements for their scissor company.  Again, after many samples and over 200 emails, the PRO 420 Spring Loaded was birthed.  We chose the coloring of the handle, worked on the teflon coating and logo imprint and voila, our second product was ready for trimmer’s worldwide.

We receive the scissors in bulk and meticulously test each pair for the perfect action.  Once they are tested and passed, we fire up our blister machines and package the scissors in our insert and box them up for you, ready to ship!

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