What are the main complaints about Fiskar’s spring loaded scissors from seasoned marijuana trimmers?

After researching this topic, one main point was that the Fiskar’s brand USED to have quality implements. They cut some corners and now deliver mediocre garden tools that are fine for occasional use. The fact is, the Marijuana industry requires quality implements that will not give up after a few uses. The Fiskar’s spring loaded scissors have an exposed spring. The first complaint is that it falls out regularly. That is no good, you do not want to be assembling your scissors every few snips. The other big issue is that the spring is exposed to dust and dirt and can easily get jammed up, slowing down your performance. The PRO420 Spring Loaded scissor offers a much sturdier spring with its own casing, to protect it from dust and debris. The safety clip is also an issue on the Fiskar’s brand, right out of the packaging it is inconsistent and does not always slide into the locked position easily. On the PRO420 Spring Loaded scissors, the safety clip is easy to slide and simple to lock, every time. Having a pair of scissors that function correctly will save you a huge amount of time and allow you to get on with the work at hand. Now is the time to purchase your PRO420 professional manicure scissors for Cannabis!

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