How stiff/loose should a marijuana scissor be?

We believe that a pair of scissors meant for trimming marijuana should have a loose action in order to limit strain. After all, trimming this plant requires thousands of tiny snips to give each bud a clean and professional appearance.  Our Classics are labeled as fast action, and our Quality Control department makes sure that every scissor packaged is ready for the hands of a professional trimmer.   Tight action and stiff blades are not part of the game plan. After a few minutes you will feel the strain in your hands muscles.  PRO420 Classics are full of special features not found on any other brand of scissors, but most importantly we make sure that every pair has a loose action and are easy to cut with.

Every scissor will loosen with use, but if you feel that it is too stiff, simply place a small dab of oil on the rivet to help lubricate the joint.  We take our scissors seriously, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on the quality of these scissors and how you would compare them to other brands.



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