Case of 12 PRO 420 Classic Scissors- Bud Trimming Scissors

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The PRO 420 Classic is a traditional Bonsai shear that is the most widely used model amongst professional trimmers. Most bonsai shears

are designed to cut leaves off of bonsai plants, which do not possess sticky resinous material.  The PRO 420 Classic has a strong teflon coating

on their blades, which makes it super easy to clean off the resin that is inevitable when trimming marijuana.

These scissors also have been individually tested for fast action. Trimmer's do not want stiff scissors to get in the way of their thousands of cuts per minute.

The fast action blades help trimmer's hands with zero resistance, making trimming a more enjoyable process.


PRO 420 Classic Bud Trimming Scissors × 12

Our standard 6 inch balanced handle scissors offer straight tip precision, non-stick coating on the blades and fast action to keep you clipping along.


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In stock


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The case of 12 PRO 420 Classic Scissors will help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The PRO 420 Classic is a traditional bonsai shear with upgraded features: teflon coated blades and super

fast action, not to mention the comfortable flexible handles. These scissors are the fastest and most accurate

way to get the clean look you are after when trimming buds. Slightly curved blades make sure every cut

is away from your fingers and the bud.

This case is priced to sell, with a huge discount from retail. We know that a real trim scene can’t survive

with just one pair of PRO 420 Scissors, so we are expecting this case to bring much needed relief!

12 pairs for $90 with Free and Fast Shipping!

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Weight 18 oz

PRO 420 Classic Bud Trimming Scissors

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1.4 in


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