2″ Silver Grinder- 3 pc- – Perfect Grinder for Dried Herbs


2″ Silver Grinder 3 Pc Grinder with Magnetic Lid, Grinder, Filter and Catch.


2″ Silver Grinder

Silver Herb Grinder- 3 pc unit- Perfect for grinding dried herbs

This grinder is small, compact, efficient and very useful for grinding up flower. There is a lot going on behind the silver facade. Grind your herbs with efficient stainless steel teeth. The filter will make sure only the fine grains of flower get through to the base, which is a small silver tray to catch the smoke-able flower.  If you have a dugout, a grinder is a must have purchase.  It will help you refine the herb so it can easily be packed into the dugout storage space.  With refined herb, the one hitter bat will have no problem packing a hit.

The measurements:
2″ in diameter
1.5″ in height
3 oz in weight

3 Parts: Lid, Grinder, Filter Screen, Bottom Tray

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Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 2 in


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