Herb Grinder & Stash Jar- Stylish-Convenient-Classy- Smell Proof UV Protected Jar and 4 pc Grinder


Herb Grinder & Stash Jar


1 x 4-piece Herb Grinder with Leaf Design- Choose from Red, Green, Black or Blue.
1 x Stash Jar – Choose either the Bamboo Lid or Black Lid

2″ Diameter
1.5″ Depth
5.8 oz weight


Jar Weight: 4.9 oz
Jar Height: 2.5″
Jar Opening Diameter: 1.75″
Lid Diameter: 1.25″
Overall Height: 3″
Overall Diameter: 2″

Quality products that will not disappoint.

4-piece grinder with magnetic lid, sharp teeth, filter, deep base and catch all with scoop. Grinders are essential tools to mash up
the dried herb and store or pack into a dugout. This grinder is efficient and has a really nice lid!

The Black Stash Jar is a great stash jar for fine herbs. It can hold around 5-7 grams of chunky herbs and has a unique lid.
The lid screws on, has teeth and creates a smell proof seal. It also feels like a pill bottle, you have to gently press down on the lid to unscrew.
This is a child proof aspect of the jar. The black glass is completely 100% UV protecting, meaning your flowers stay fresh longer.
The size of the jar is important as the smaller the jar, the better the herb is preserved.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in
Grinder Color

Black, Green, Red, Blue

Stash Jar Lid Color

Black, Bamboo


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