PRO420 Dip n’ Dab Cleaning Solution


PRO420 Dip n’ Dab Cleaning Solution

This jar is your one stop solution for cleaning dab tools and implements. Our cleaning solutions slotted, hemp oil sponge quickly cleans your tools, removing resinous buildup and helping them retain their original sheen.

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PRO420 Dip n’ Dab Cleaning Solution

Here it is you Dabbers!!! The product you have been waiting for to clean your dab tools and implements.
The PRO 420 Dip n’ Dab Cleaning Solution for Dab implements and all resinous tools.
Eliminating tons of needless waste, the Dip n Dab jar is an easy all in one solution to your cleaning needs.
The jar consists of Iso Alcohol, Hemp Oil and trace amounts of essential oils to keep the odor clean and fresh.
There is a slotted sponge that you can slip your tools into and clean them in seconds.

The sponge contains three slots to slide the resinous implements into, lubricating them with hemp oil and thoroughly cleaning them. The screw top lid to our cleaning solution eliminates evaporation and prevents spillage. A jar of PRO 420 Dip n’ Dab Cleaner will make your life a whole lot easier
and save tons of waste using small packets of wipes. This is PRO 420, dedicated to making your life easier.

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