PRO420 Scissors & Professional Scissor Cleaning Solution- Bud Trimming Scissors and Cleaner

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The ultimate package for professional trimmers!

1 pair of Classics
1 pair of Spring Loaded
1 jar of Scissor Cleaning Solution


$4.20 discount

PRO420 Scissor Cleaning Solution

This jar is your one stop solution for cleaning scissors on the go. Our cleaning solution's slotted, hemp oil sponge quickly cleans your blades, removing resinous buildup and returning them to optimal condition for trimming.

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PRO 420 Classic Bud Trimming Scissors

Our standard 6 inch balanced handle scissors offer straight tip precision, non-stick coating on the blades and fast action to keep you clipping along.


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PRO 420 Spring Loaded Bud Trimming Scissors

Our spring loaded scissors offer straight tip precision, a non-stick coating on the blades, a protective casing for the spring, and very comfortable padded handles.


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In stock


Both pairs of PRO420 Scissors and a jar of PRO 420 Scissor Cleaning Solution is the perfect package to get started with. Trimming is made easier with the scissors non-stick coating, fast action and straight tip precision. The PRO420 scissors offer superior comfortable handles that will help you avoid strain. With a jar of cleaning solution by your side, your trimming work will be cut in half with easy on the go cleaning.

Since we believe this is the ultimate package, it deserves a $4.20 discount.

1 pair each of PRO420 Classics, Spring Loaded and 1 jar of PRO 420 Scissor Cleaning Solution


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Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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