What is a One Hitter Pipe?

One Hitter Pipes are cigarette size pipes made from a variety of materials. They are used with a dugout. You can grind the bowl end of the one hitter into the dugout compartment filled with dried herbs and smoke out of it. It is very efficient and powerful!

PRO 420 carries a wide range of one hitter pipes for your convenience. We offer:
Glass, Cigarette style metal, Ceramic, Grinder tip, ribbed or straight brass, colored metal, black straight tipped and exotic wood one hitters. We’ve made it easy to make your choice with each dugout listing. Simply click on the one hitter drop down menu and select the pipe you would like. If you are ordering separately from the dugout listings, make sure you order a pipe that fits your dugout.

4″ dugouts require a 3″ one hitter bat.

3″ Dugouts require a 2″one hitter bat.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]