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PRO420 Professional Manicure Scissors are specifically designed for trimming Cannabis. They offer the perfect solution for the evolving medical and legal Marijuana industry, with features that are ideal for the task at hand.
Straight tip precision, non-stick coated stainless steel blades and comfortable grip handles are features that make PRO420 scissors the Trimmer’s Choice. 
Shipping:  We charge standard postal rates for all orders and send our products in plain envelopes and boxes.
Wholesale:  If you are a wholesaler or retailer, please contact us for our volume discounts. email: info@pro420.com or call (910) 620-8015 for phone orders by credit card.
Dispensary: Trim scene managers and grow operators, please contact us for our price lists on unpackaged scissors by the case, at rock bottom wholesale prices!
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What our customers say…

I have the fiskars. These PRO 420 Spring Loaded scissors are more substantial in that every item in the PRO 420 is stronger. The blade steel is a heavier gauge, the plastic is much much thiker and stronger, the fiskar lock quit working almost immediately these would actually have to break before the lock stopped holding them closed for storage. Oddly the added weight is not an issue, they are well balanced ergonomic and comfortable. Another really nice change from the fiskars is that the return spring is located much closer to the pivot. This makes them not want to twist when you close them, additionally they were able to use a stronger spring so the return to open is very smooth. I still haven’t harvested yet but I wanted to know what I was getting.

“Thank God for PRO420, now I don’t have to waste my time with scissors that are not designed for the job. I like the Classics because I like to have more control of each snip, and they have a really loose action which helps me work faster.”

I received my PRO420 scissors last month and I’m impressed.  I did wonder why I was paying what seemed like a lot for a pair of scissors,  but they are worth every penny:  comfy grips, they clean really easily, I didn’t need to spend ages de-goooing them but the best part is how comfortable they are to use.  I spend hours sitting trimming and finally my fingers & knuckles aren’t killing. Replaced my fiskars!

I used to just pick up any scissors to trim my marijuana, and didn’t know the difference. When I signed up a new patient

I realized that I wasn’t looking forward to the extra clipping time, mainly due to the quality of my scissors. So I looked

online and found PRO420 Scissors, and they really have changed the way I trim…..its easy now.

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