Where are these scissors manufactured?

A lot of consumers world wide wonder where the products they purchase are produced. At PRO 420 we do not keep secrets easily.  The idea to produce a customized scissor started in July 2013 and was followed by an incredible amount of searching for the perfect manufacturer.  We needed a producer who was easy to communicate with, who would meet our strict quality control and who would be willing to customize their scissors for our needs.

The first manufacturer we chose is located in China, and is a leading manufacturer of every day scissors for companies world wide. They produce a very fine bonsai scissor and we worked with them over several months customizing the scissor.  We customized the handle, chose the specific green coloring, worked on the action of the blades and found a factory that produces teflon coating.  We are very happy with the result of our Classic scissor and so are our customers.

The second manufacturer was a little easier to find, as our families had worked together in the past. My father and grandfather had chosen this Taiwanese manufacturer and their superior implements for their scissor company.  Again, after many samples and over 200 emails, the PRO 420 Spring Loaded was birthed.  We chose the coloring of the handle, worked on the teflon coating and logo imprint and voila, our second product was ready for trimmer’s worldwide.

We receive the scissors in bulk and meticulously test each pair for the perfect action.  Once they are tested and passed, we fire up our blister machines and package the scissors in our insert and box them up for you, ready to ship!

How stiff/loose should a marijuana scissor be?

We believe that a pair of scissors meant for trimming marijuana should have a loose action in order to limit strain. After all, trimming this plant requires thousands of tiny snips to give each bud a clean and professional appearance.  Our Classics are labeled as fast action, and our Quality Control department makes sure that every scissor packaged is ready for the hands of a professional trimmer.   Tight action and stiff blades are not part of the game plan. After a few minutes you will feel the strain in your hands muscles.  PRO420 Classics are full of special features not found on any other brand of scissors, but most importantly we make sure that every pair has a loose action and are easy to cut with.

Every scissor will loosen with use, but if you feel that it is too stiff, simply place a small dab of oil on the rivet to help lubricate the joint.  We take our scissors seriously, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on the quality of these scissors and how you would compare them to other brands.

What are the main complaints about Fiskar’s spring loaded scissors from seasoned marijuana trimmers?

After researching this topic, one main point was that the Fiskar’s brand USED to have quality implements. They cut some corners and now deliver mediocre garden tools that are fine for occasional use. The fact is, the Marijuana industry requires quality implements that will not give up after a few uses. The Fiskar’s spring loaded scissors have an exposed spring. The first complaint is that it falls out regularly. That is no good, you do not want to be assembling your scissors every few snips. The other big issue is that the spring is exposed to dust and dirt and can easily get jammed up, slowing down your performance. The PRO420 Spring Loaded scissor offers a much sturdier spring with its own casing, to protect it from dust and debris. The safety clip is also an issue on the Fiskar’s brand, right out of the packaging it is inconsistent and does not always slide into the locked position easily. On the PRO420 Spring Loaded scissors, the safety clip is easy to slide and simple to lock, every time. Having a pair of scissors that function correctly will save you a huge amount of time and allow you to get on with the work at hand. Now is the time to purchase your PRO420 professional manicure scissors for Cannabis!

So what’s the verdict? Fiskar’s vs PRO 420 Spring Loaded Scissors

Side by side, there are a lot of similarities. However, the PRO420 is noticeably heavier and a little bit longer. The Pro 420 is easier to maneuver, offers a smoother cut and spring action, has a more solid spring compartment and has much more comfortable handles, with a TPR plastic grip on the side giving you more flexibility.

The PRO420 also has non-stick black blades, while the Fiskar’s brand offers no resistance to the sticky resin that the Cannabis plant is notorious for. Let’s put it this way, Fiskar’s are marketing a cheap blade for retirees to cut their roses and the PRO420 is delivering a solid professional product specifically for trimming marijuana. Not that we are bias or anything…

How do other cultures harvest this plant?

This is an interesting question. Through years of travel around the world, we have discovered that the marijuana plant is harvested in a number of ways. For instance, in certain places where it is not being sold commercially, growers are not that concerned about appearance and will leave most of the leaves on the plant. In other circles, every single leaf is cut at the base, leaving a very fine product. In Morocco, where they grow fields of Marijuana, they dry the plants and then push them through sieves to create hash. In India, they rub the wet plant with their palms to create Charas. It all depends on what sort of product you want and the quantity of plants you are dealing with.

What should I do with all of the leaves I have trimmed off the bud?

The large shade leaves usually do not contain a lot of crystals, which means they are not very potent. However, the smaller leaves, especially the tiny leaves close to the flowers contain high amounts of THC and therefore are very potent. They can be dried and stored and used in baking recipes, or used in vaporizers, as you like!

How many pairs of Pro 420 scissors do I need to get the job done?

We recommend that you buy the package deal for the most economical purchase. When you are in full swing with trimming, you do not want to have to stop and clean your scissors every 5 minutes. Therefore, having several pairs of Pro 420 scissors will keep your work flow going. Once your scissors have become resinous, simply place them in a jar of rubbing alcohol, let them soak for a few minutes, remove them and wipe them down before resuming. Having two pairs allows you to continue your work uninterrupted.

Wait a minute, I thought Pro 420 scissors were non-stick?

They are, with a special non-stick coat to help reduce the resinous buildup. However, Marijuana is incredibly sticky and resinous and you are sure to find black oily residue on the blades after continued use. Simply scrape off this resin and store it by itself. Once dried, it is a very potent by- product of the plant.

I’ve harvested the plant, now what do I do?

Well, you can either hang it to dry and then trim it, or trim it wet. From years of experience, I can tell you that dry trimming is a lot easier and does not gum up the scissors as much as trimming the plant wet. Some people will argue that the plant will dry faster with its head leaves and stalks removed, which is true. But if you are not in a rush, then drying the plant first will make for easier trimming. It all comes down to the quantity you have to dry, the space you have for drying and the quality of the finished product.

Which pair should I choose?

Easy answer – both!
After years of speaking with professional trimmers, we have concluded that everyone has their preference. Some people trim for hours at a time and prefer Spring Loaded scissors. The spring loaded action reduces strain on the hand.

Many professional trimmers love the control of the straight tip Classic scissor. They can control each cut and make more precision trims to make each bud a masterpiece.

We recommend both pairs, the spring loaded are more durable for making cuts on the stalk and large shade leaves while the straight tip manual scissors are ideal for trimming the smaller leaves.

What is so special about Pro 420 scissors?

420 scissors have many design features that professional trimmer’s are searching for in an ideal scissor.

  • Straight needle tip blades that help the trimmer make precision cuts.
  • Spring Loaded action to reduce strain on the hand.
  • Non-stick coating on the blades to reduce resinous build up.
  • Comfortable handles for longer sessions.
  • Affordable price,
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