3″ Zinc Herb Grinder- 3pc magnetic lid with screen- Top Quality


Professional Grade Dry Herb Grinder for Marijuana, Tobacco and other fine herbs.
Dual sided, magnetic lids, fine filters and razor sharp tiny teeth will get the job done!



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This sleek zinc grinder is ideal for grinding dry herbs and tobacco. It features a bed of sharp grinding teeth,
a fine grade filter and a deposit for catching the herbs. It comes with a small hard plastic brush to clean
the basin. Here are the specs:

3″ in diameter
1″ deep
magnetic top lid
screw on bottom lid
fine mesh filter
super sharp teeth
hard plastic micro brush

An herb grinder is a perfect companion for use with our line of high grade Dugouts and One hitters.
Finely grind all of your herbs and tobacco products into powder, making them easier to consume.

We ship all of our products within 24 hours of purchase, via 1st class and Priority Mail.
Happy Shopping!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

Black, Silver


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