PRO 420 Scissors-2 Pack of Bonsai & Spring Loaded- Bud Trimming Scissors


2 Pack of PRO 420 Scissors- Bonsai & Spring Loaded- Bud Trimming Scissors


PRO 420 Scissors-2 Pack of Bonsai & Spring Loaded
What is better than a pair of PRO 420 Shears? TWO PAIRS!!! Here is a 2 pack including our top selling Classics and Spring Loaded. This is ideal for small growers looking for stem and shade leaf pruning as well as fine bud trimming. PRO 420 Classics are manual scissors with a super fast action. They have teflon coating on the blades which helps make cleaning the blades of resin much easier.  The handles are a soft flexible plastic that helps reduce blisters and aches in your hand after hours of trimming.
PRO 420 Spring Loaded Scissors are a popular custom designed style of trimming shears.  What’s the difference from other brands? These are stainless steel blades, the sharpest you can find, with a teflon coating.  When it comes time to clean away the resin, it will slide off easily without getting embedded in the blades. The grip has an extra layer of padding for extra comfort for those long hours, and the spring is built into the scissor so it won’t pop out.  These are great scissors for trimming long hours, thousands sold to customers in every state! Specifically designed for trimming and harvesting marijuana.
Here is a link to a great video on how to trim marijuana, if you are a rookie!
Here is a another great deal on our scissors:


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