James on Nov 21, 2023

So this is an updated review….

The first version of the dugout I received was more blonde than the dark and walnutty image of the quintessential dugout I had in my head. After expressing my disappointment, I was stunned and amazed to promptly hear from Stephen, the proprietor, who pledged to send a replacement. After a couple of back and forth emails, Stephen sent a replacement that perfectly matched the idealized image I had in my head. The dugout is beautiful! I couldn’t be happier with it.

More beautiful than that, however, was the customer service I received. In this day and age, customer service mostly has been relegated to a mythology that people smirk about after they have rationalized settling for something they aren’t all that happy with. In general, consumers come up with excuses to give businesses a pass, instead of businesses doing what it takes to delight their customers.

In this case, Stephen bent over backward to ensure that my experience with PRO420 was positive and satisfying. Well done! I am completely delighted with PRO420! This is my second purchase with them and both have ended up being fantastic. Based on the customer service alone, this is a company I will not hesitate to do business with in the future. The fact that their products are awesome is icing on the cake! Fairytales can come true, even in this day and age….