Michael M. -Orgiva, Spain

I received my PRO420 scissors last month and I’m impressed. I did wonder why I was paying what seemed like a lot for a pair of scissors,  but they are worth every penny:  comfy grips, they clean really easily, I didn’t need to spend ages de-goooing them but the best part is how comfortable they are to use. I spend hours sitting trimming and finally my fingers & knuckles aren’t killing. Replaced my Fiskars!

Susan M. – Boulder, CO

“Thank God for PRO420, now I don’t have to waste my time with scissors that are not designed for the job. I like the Classics because I like to have more control of each snip, and they have a really loose action which helps me work faster.”

Sam T. – Mendocino, CA

“I found these scissors online and have to say, they are much better than anything I have ever used. They are super sharp and have a quality feel to them compared to the other shears I have used. I was able to work so much faster with this pair because they don’t gum up as often.“