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Product Introduction for PRO420 Trimmer’s Choice

PRO 420 Marijuana Scissors

What are the best scissors for trimming buds? Well, it comes down to many factors, including your personal preferences, the amount of flowers needing to be trimmed and how fast you want to finish. One thing is for sure, your common household scissors are not the ideal pair for this task. Large blades can damage buds with one cut, and small handles can damage hands and create blisters. Besides, you don’t want to ruin your kitchen scissors or craft scissors performing a task they are not designed for.
Many trimmers who work long hours prefer spring loaded shears to reduce the strain of having to make each cut manually. They also do not enjoy the fact that every few minutes they have to stop and clean the scissors. With this in mind, PRO420 manicure scissors have a unique non-stick coating that is not commonly found on household scissors.  This will not completely stop the buildup of resin, but it will greatly reduce the accumulation and help you finish your trimming work faster.
For these reasons the PRO420 Spring Loaded Scissors are the ideal choice. They offer stainless steel straight tip blades for a precision trim and an easy grip spring loaded handle to reduce strain. The blades have a non-stick coating that reduce resinous buildup and allow you to work for longer periods. The PRO420 Spring Loaded Scissors are economical, lightweight quality blades produced by a leading manufacturer of garden implements.
The PRO420 Classic Scissors are much the same, only without the spring loaded handle. Many professional trimmers prefer to make each cut individually. The Classics have a curved blade from the base, allowing you to cut away from your hand while making precision cuts. They offer a large equal sized handle for comfortable maneuvering, reducing the risk of blisters or pain. They also come with a non-stick coating to help you keep working without having to clean the blade as often. The Classics are lightweight quality scissors produced by a leading manufacturer of garden implements.
The Bundle is a combination package of 3 Classics and 1 Spring Loaded that will save you money and help you work more efficiently. Not only will you be able to clean one pair and continue working with a fresh pair, but friends and family will also be able to help out with an extra pair of top quality precision blades.

Scissor Bud-e Cleaning Solution is a convenient way to clean your scissors quickly and without a mess. Simply dip the scissors in the slots within the sponge filling, and watch them slide out crystal clean. The jar is comprised of a sponge soaked in food grade hemp oil that cleans the scissors very efficiently. It is designed to withstand over 400 cleanings and will save you precious time while trimming.
We also recommend that you use the Spring Loaded Scissors to cut the buds from the stalk and for removing the larger shade leaves from the plant. Their precision cuts will allow you to produce aesthetically pleasing crystal nuggets of wonder. The Classic scissors are ideal for cutting away the smaller leaves at their base, from deep within each bud. Each manual cut will clean up the flower and make it very presentable.
So the answer is simple, PRO420 is the obvious choice when it comes to quality precision scissors for manicuring Cannabis. We are focused solely on providing the evolving Medical and Legal Marijuana industry with two of the most popular designs for trimmers, and for this PRO420 is the Trimmer’s Choice!

Classic and Spring Loaded