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Family History time for PRO420

History of PRO420

You may not believe this, but PRO420 is rooted in a family history of scissors.  Growing up talk around the dinner table was based on scissors: the quality of German implements over Italian implements, and the stories from business trips to factories far far away.  Although the sale of scissors fed our family, it wasn’t on the top of my list of interesting subjects.  Throughout the years my brothers, a sister, father, three uncles, cousins and a Grandfather all took part in one way or another in running the family business.  I opted out after a year in the factory and stuck to music and travel.
Fast forward many years and here we are, on the brink of a huge Marijuana revolution in this country. PRO420 Manicure Scissors are here to deliver a quality implement for the thousands of trimmer’s that go to work each day to trim Cannabis. My families expertise has helped guide me in bringing these scissors to market.  It’s incredible to have a team that has decades of experience already behind them in order to help shape ideas and construct the best business possible.It’s taken my dad out of retirement and back into the production room, tweaking the packaging and inspecting the finer details of every set of blades. With their help I sincerely hope that trimmer’s will have an easier time at work, and can benefit from all of the special features that are designed into our scissors.  Happy Clipping!



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