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The old school one hitter wood dugout….what is it?

Dugouts are an easy, convenient and economical way to consume your favorite fine herbs. They are an all in one device made out of the finest woods, crafted to conceal your stash and a one hitter pipe. Open the swivel or slider lid and you have two compartments, one that can hold a few grams of herb and another with a spring loaded slot to pop your one hitter out.
Dugouts have been a staple smoking device for decades. Glass breaks, bongs are too big to transport, vapes blow up or constantly need charging, but dugouts last a lifetime with very little maintenance.
And if you want to talk economics, many folks do not want to consume large amounts of herb at one time. A lot of people are using it medicinally and this means taking small doses. The dugout is perfect for consuming smaller quantities and still getting a dose that packs a punch.
Dugouts are made out of many types of exotic and domestic woods. They are cut from beautiful grained sections of the wood and shaped into small boxes with fine polishes. Accompanying the dugout is a one hitter pipe. The one hitter pipes can be made from different materials including metal, aluminum, ceramic or brass. One-hitters can also have grinder tips that make it easy to break up condensed smoking herbs.
A great place to purchase a dugout is from the smokeshop at PRO 420 carries a large selection of fine wood dugouts from two of the top makers in the country. They also have a wide range of one hitters to choose from.

Honduras Wood Slider Dugouts PRO 420 Smoke Shop – PRO 420

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