6 Pack of PRO 420 Scissor Cleaning Solution- Easy way to clean your sticky scissors


This jar is your one stop solution for cleaning scissors on the go. Our cleaning solution’s slotted, hemp oil sponge quickly cleans your blades, removing resinous buildup and returning them to optimal condition for trimming.

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Case of 6 PRO 420 Scissor Cleaner


The PRO 420 Scissor Cleaning Solution is a perfect companion to our scissors. It eliminates messy mason jars and dripping oil that can not only mess up your work space but damage your buds. This jar can help you clean your scissors in seconds without the mess. The sponge contains three slots to slide the resinous scissors into, lubricating them with hemp oil, thoroughly cleaning them and helping protect the blades for a longer life. The screw top lid to our cleaning solution eliminates evaporation and prevents spillage. A jar of PRO 420 Scissor Cleaner will help you trim faster and save time cleaning resinous blades.


Here is a quick tutorial video on the process of harvesting, trimming and curing Cannabis:


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PRO 420 was born in 2014.  Our products were introduced for the first time at the first legal Cannabis Cup in Denver Colorado, April 2014.  We are proud to say that we do business with not only the largest Cannabis cultivators in the world but also the home growers who grow and harvest Cannabis for medicinal purposes.  Our scissors were customized for a reason: To deliver the best functioning blades at a fraction of the cost.  Growers and trimmers no longer have to go into big box stores to find suitable scissors.  They can visit pro420.com and find the best deals on quality blades every time.


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Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 in


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