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The times they are a Changin’

This is the second blog post in the series written by OT, or Orwell Tesla Jefferson.   Revolutionary things are happening in the American culture today. The mainstream opinion on Cannabis has shifted drastically. The American public wants legalization, not incarceration. Mass media is spending more time airing a different and positive view of the herb. Public schools are including medical benefits of Cannabis in health class. It is as if the elite central planners have succumbed to the trend and embraced its inevitability.

I personally have never met an individual that believes another human being should be locked away for possession and use of marijuana. Even the folks that say, “we should definitely not legalize it” will still concede that jail time is very extreme for pot use. I believe the internet has helped diversify our sources of news and information. People are learning, through various information outlets, the truth behind the myth. Cannabis is not the highly dangerous drug we were taught about in school. Despite what television news and the DEA tell us, there is a known medical benefit. They intentionally lied to us. This could easily segway to thousands of other things that they have lied to us about. Consider for a moment that your reality is a construct of these lies engineered by an elite, powerful group. We are highly manipulated! So back to reality, marijuana is a wonder-herb that cures cancer, treats depression and impotence, provides a general feeling of well-being and promotes peace. It is also a hearty, easy-to-grow plant readily harvested by the poor man! Naturally, we should prohibit this plant.

We should use the power of police and a prison system to enforce the prohibition, the power of the school system and media to brainwash the people and instead fill the gap with substances we can patent, control and sell, like pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol. Fast forward a few decades of information sharing on the internet and the people catch on to the trick. Pioneer states throw their middle finger to the federal government in blatant disregard for their draconian Cannabis laws. States wage war with the Drug Enforcement Agency over a plant that should be a natural, inherent right in the first place.

Who are we to be so vain as to attempt to legislate a natural, peaceful, healing herb out of existence. Believe it or not, the same bone head thugs that champion the prohibition are often users themselves. I am so happy that finally the ignorant, corrupt laws of the past are changing. I have family traditionally opposed to Cannabis that are slowly changing their perspective. When folks learn the truth it becomes so obvious. It is a flower created naturally like the organic earth around us, and it is capable of healing the world. This is why I am Pro 420.
Orwell Tesla Jefferson

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