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Don’t be a Granny!

I was walking down the aisle in Lowe’s the other day and passed by the wall of garden shears.  After many nights of endless research on the different styles and brands of garden shears, I knew what I was looking at.  Here were pairs of scissors designed for a few uses each year. Every feature yelled out the word ‘cheap’, from the flimsy blades, the ugly safety clip, the bland and thin handles, I just knew that these were not the pair that professional trimmer’s should be buying.

The difference
The difference

Think about it, Granny’s nationwide buy the eye level brand because they are cheap, easy to see on the shelf and designed exactly for what they want to do, which is to prune their rosebush a few times a year. If you have a pile of buds to clip why are you using inferior blades?  It’s sort of like playing a beautiful classical piece of music on a Toys R’ Us keyboard.
PRO420 Scissors are the ideal choice for serious trimmers. They are incredibly comfortable to use, feel like quality, look like quality and have a handful of special design features that any trimmer will cherish. They are the first customized manicure scissors on the market today, brought to you just in time for the PRO420 movement that is sweeping the nation!



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