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A Day in the Life of a Marijuana Trimmer

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A day in the life of a Marijuana trimmer….

Walking into a dispensary is a moment of pure joy for many patients.  The sight of labeled mason jars filled with a variety of medical marijuana is relief for many, and a work of art for others. America in 2014 has radically shifted its’ policy on this miracle plant and slowly but surely States are embracing Marijuana as a cure all for hundreds of ailments and diseases.

The road from budding plants to jars filled with flowers has to pass through the trimmer. Once the buds have been clipped from the plant, they are hung and dried. After the drying is complete, trimmers take each bud and carefully remove all the shade and sweet leaves from the buds, as well as sticks and stems. The finished product is much more aesthetically pleasing and showcases the amount of crystal present on each bud.

Trimmers that work in dispensaries have to be fast with their hands, be motivated to finish piles of work, and be calm enough to sit for hours on end doing repetitive clipping work.  Trim scenes can be as simple as a closet grower trimming an ounce of weed at his/her kitchen table, or a line of trimmers clipping through pounds a day in a factory setting.

How do you trim?  What is your favorite music to listen to when you trim? What kind of scissors do you use? For professional trimmers, setting up their station is very important. Placement of your tray, the scissor cleaning jar, the lights, and the type of chair are all very important to the work atmosphere and how fast you can trim.

Every day is different, as various strains produce buds of varying size, density and quality. A day spent trimming large buds may produce over 2 pounds of finished product, while a day trimming ‘B’ buds may produce less than a pound.

One key factor is the scissors, for sure. If you are working each day as a professional trimmer you will want to make sure you invest in a quality pair of marijuana scissors that do not stick, that are comfortable in your hand, and that have a fast clipping action.

Trimmers are the unsung heroes of the medical marijuana industry, helping transform a scraggly bud into a work of art. By removing the sweet leaves from buds, the potency per gram increases significantly helping the consumer get the most bang for their buck.

So, what does a day spent trimming look like for you?

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Marijuana Trimmer

  1. I work for an outside grower, our trimming atmosphere changes as the weather changes. Early in the season we are able to sit outside as weather permits. This year hopefully we will be able to sit outs for most of October! It’s the best light and is better for everyone to get fresh air. Then we move into the A frame. There are a couple couches to choose from. I grab a pillow for my back and a pizza box top for my lap to catch the trimmings. I have a side table for my water and jar filled with alcohol and vegetable oil with extra trimming scissors (we have found this is the best solution to keep scissors clean, however I have just purchased the Pro420 Cleaning solution for this year). We have used Fiskars every year. I purchased the Pro 420’s this year. Will let you know how they work. They are pricier then the Fiskars but if there is a noticeable difference we will purchase in quantity. Nearby will be a paper grocery bag to empty my trimmings and I usually buy a tub of Bubble Yum. I also wear a cheap jumpsuit so I don’t smell like a pot factory when I go home, I leave the suit at the A frame. We are given a large tub of buds on to trim, we should always take from the top, but there are those who dig for large buds. Not cool but they usually end up getting the small bud bin for punishment. Ha! There is a turn table with over 1,000 records to play, if the owner is not too busy he will usually keep it spinning, otherwise we hook up someone’s ipod for music. Usually we are having a fun conversation and laughing. Most of the trimmers smoke a lot of pot which makes some of them a bit slow and they stop trimming when they talk. Which cracks me up because it’s not doing them any favors. Time is money! I don’t smoke while I’m trimming, I’m focused and fast! In the early season I can trim a pound a day. I can sit on my ass for 11 hours and bust it out. I bring food with protein and take regular breaks to stretch and walk. I am by far the most productive trimmer and make the most money because of that. Everyone asks me how I trim so much and I tell them! It’s a grueling tedious job, but it helps to have a good fun crew. One person can be a buzz kill for sure. That’s when I will bring my ipod and headphones. This has been my only trimming job and this is all I know. If anyone has any suggestions to streamline better I’m open for suggestions. Happy Trimming Season!!

  2. Sounds like you have a good set up and know how to work efficiently. Our trim scene didn’t have any couches
    or hang out spots, for the mere fact that the grower did not want us lounging on his time. A comfortable chair
    is a must, especially when you trim every day for over 10 hours. I think the most difficult part of a large trim scene
    is dealing with all of the characters. One bad apple can really hurt the chemistry of the group and be
    a major distraction. An ipod is perfect for helping you shut out the chatter and get on with the job at hand.
    One new product on the market is the Trim Station, which is a ergonomically designed tray with holders
    for all of the important trimming tools. This tray is the new cool kid on the block in California, as it really makes
    the whole trim job a lot cleaner and more efficient. Check it out at
    The tray has a slot for the PRO 420 Scissor Cleaning Solution, a couple slots for PRO 420 scissors, and even an
    iPhone or iPod dock built in. The cleaning solution is actually produced by a fantastic company called Scissor Bud-e.
    All three companies, Trim Station, PRO 420 and Scissor Bud-e are at the cutting edge of harvest supplies for Marijuana.
    In fact, you can now buy a Bud-e Box which has all three products included. Have a great trim season, hope you
    get through a lot of bud and have a great time!

  3. My best was trimming some light dep cookies, I did 3 Ps in a day (took me 12 hours) by then I’m ready to Igive my spine and hands/wrists a break. My favorite scissors are the blue curved one (regular vs titanium is the same, trust me, I’ve tried them all)

    I’m looking for a little box that holds alcohol in that also have material in it that you can clean your scissors (similar mechanism as gold ball cleaners) know where I can find something like that??

    1. The PRO 420 Scissor Cleaning Solution is exactly that. A jar with a fitted sponge with slots in it to clean the scissors. The jar is hemp oil based
      and really helps clean the scissors well and leaves very little mess. The jar has a screw top lid that helps you store the cleaning solution easily.
      Check it out at our storefront at

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