Diamond Wood Dugouts-Handcrafted Unique Stash Boxes by Reloadable


Diamond Wood Dugouts

1 x 4″ Dugout of your choice

1 x 3″ Pipe


Here are 3 unique dugouts available as one of a kind stash boxes.

I – Snap Lock Lid, Built in Poker, 4″ Diamond Wood, Handlebar Design

II- Snap Lock Lid, Built in Poker, 4″ Charcoal Black Design, Straight Side Design

III- Slide Lock, Built in Poker, 4″ Green Diamond Wood, Handlebar Design


Choose from the drop down menu for your own unique one hitter pipe.

The snap lock dugouts have a lid that lifts up and twists, sitting firmly on top of the body while open.  It can be lifted a turned to close.

It has a tight fit securing the contents. The slide lid is also locked onto the body, no need to worry about losing it.

These 3 dugouts are the last of their breed.  The master craftsman has retired and this is the last of his stock.

We ship every day via USPS mail.

2-5 business days for delivery


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in
Dugout Style


One Hitter Pipe

Straight Black, Aqua G-Tip, Ribbed Brass, Ribbed Silver, Glass, Silver Self-Eject, Silver Resin, Cig Metal


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