Large Olive Wood Tabletop Dugout- One Hitter Stash Box- Smoker’s Gift


Table Top Dugout made from Tunisian Olive Wood. This has a deep herb pocket, tight fitting sealed lid, and two 2″ slots that hold 3″ pipes.

You can choose 2 from our selection of brass one hitters.


1 x Olive Wood Tabletop Dugout
2 x 3″ Pipes of your choice (choose from the drop down menu)

Width of body 3.25″
Height including lid 6.25″
Lid diameter 1.5″
Stash depth 2.25″
Jar hole diameter 1.5″
Weight 25 oz
Base is 3.25″ x 3.25″

This beautiful, handcrafted Olive Jar is designed as a tabletop dugout. Store your dried herbs inside the deep and spacious hole
and slot your one hitters into the side pockets. This makes a great party piece for any table of friends who like to partake.
Simply lift the lid and push the one hitter into the herb compartment. Pack a pipe just like a dugout and enjoy a smoke.
This works just like a dugout except it is designed to stay in place on a table top.

This is a brand new product that we had fun creating with our craftsman. We will be coming up with new designs for different size
bats, but for now this is our original fresh design.
The hole is much larger than a normal dugout, so it can hold around 3-5 grams of dried herbs. The lid is tight fitting with a rubber seal
and the slots will hold a 3″ bat, with a 1/4″ diameter hole. We are including two one hitters of your choice.
The table top dugouts in the pics are just samples of the dugout. You will receive a randomly picked Olive wood piece.
They are all unique with lots of grainy patterns and blonde olive backdrops. Olive has a stunning tapestry of unique grain patterns.

The olive jar is crafted in Tunisia.
World Class Product for customers who want to smoke in style at home.

We ship every day using USPS 1st class and Priority Mail.
Thanks for looking.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in
One Hitter Pipe

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One Hitter Pipe # 2

Ebony, Orange Resin, Pink Resin, Aqua Resin, Silver Cloud Resin, Taj Mahal Brass


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