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Sticky Scissors

PRO 420 Classic Scissors

Any experienced trimmer will tell you that the biggest battle of their job is sticky scissors.  Within a few clips most scissors will gum up and become difficult to keep moving at a fast pace.  Trimmers will have numerous pairs sitting in a jar of alcohol or vegetable oil soaking the resin off.  They trade out every few minutes and wipe away the cleaning solution before resuming.  It actually takes a lot of time and effort to keep scissors clean and ready for the job at hand.

There really is no way around it, avoiding resin on the blades.  At PRO 420, our aim is to find a solution to this major issue.  We wanted to offer the trimming community with scissors that are easy to handle and have comfortable grips.  We also wanted to see if a teflon coating on the blades would change the game.  While the resin will still build up on the blades, it might not get as ingrained on the blades with a teflon coating.

With over two years of supplying the growing community with our PRO 420 scissors, the feedback has been overwhelming.  Our faithful customers have reported back in detail.   The combination of the teflon coating and the new PRO 420 scissor cleaning solution, their jobs are much easier.  The jar consists of natural food grade hemp oil and a tight fitting slotted sponge.  With an easy screw on lid, this jar can last for up to 400 sessions.

We don’t have a ton of products in our catalogue yet, but between the Scissor Cleaning Jar, the PRO 420 Classic Bonsai scissors and the Spring Loaded scissors, webelieve your trimming experience will improve, upgrade today!! PRO 420 scissors

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