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So how much bud did you trim?

Well another outdoor harvest has come and gone, and hopefully without incident.  Most growers in the northern hemisphere will

have chopped every last bud off their outdoor plants by now and have clipped and cured and packed away their prized possessions.

We here at PRO 420 want to hear how it went?  Was it a bumper crop? Were there any weather related issues that got in the way of your harvest?

And once inside how did the trimming go?  Did you use a trim bot or a team of clippers and their shears, or simply your own hands?

After our first harvest season doing business as PRO 420, we are curious to see how our scissors held up to your expectations.

We are always trying to improve our quality and deliver the finest most durable trimming scissors on the market today.

Many customers have asked how to maintain the teflon coating on our Classic and Spring Loaded models.

While trimming marijuana, the scissors build up resin on their blades.  In order to clean the scissors, many clippers

will scrape the scissors with a razor blade.  This may be fine on regular scissors, but any scissors with a coating will be

affected by this method of cleaning.

A lighter approach is to use PRO 420 Sticky Scissor Solution. This jar is filled with hemp oil and a slotted sponge

that cleans scissors quickly and efficiently in seconds.  Its good for 420 uses and has a tight fitting lid so it can store away easily.

We hope that our products have helped you trim faster and easier and that you tell your friends about us for next year’s harvest!

Happy Clipping,

PRO 420


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