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Uncle Sam, the time is now!

PRO 420 is much more than a scissor company. With that kind of name we better know which position we stand for and provide our customers and followers with pertinent information, opinions and historical facts to support this growing movement.As we are busy selling our scissors, we would like to introduce to you our newest blogging member, Orwell Tesla Jefferson, or as we like to call him here in the HQ, O.T.

Take it away!

Federal law prohibits us from placing a seed in the earth. We are unable to nurture, grow, harvest and consume a flower that grows naturally. Our uncivilized legal stance on Cannabis has stood for too long. For thousands of years mankind has fostered this plant alongside us, preserving genetics to treat an array of physical and mental health issues naturally, from a planted seed. This plant reduces pain, excites the imagination, induces happy feelings, raises spiritual awareness, stimulates sexuality and perpetuates peace and love, not to mention the numerous textile benefits of its close cousin, hemp. Our ancient ancestors viewed Cannabis as a gift from God. The morality and legality of marijuana was a no brainer. Fast forward several thousand years of documented use to Colonial America.

The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper and cannabis oil was used commonly for medicine. The first American law regarding marijuana was issued ordering the people to grow hemp. At this time, common sense continued to prevail over powerful special interest groups. Fast forward a few hundred more years to the 1930’s when lobbyists for powerful corporations finally succeeded in persuading the U.S. government to outlaw the cultivation and use of Cannabis.

Cannabis is a natural robust weed, capable of being grown in every corner of this planet. Cannabis is viewed as an obstacle to a massive windfall of profit and control. An elite group centrally engineers our culture and meters our every move. This group is experienced, resourceful and highly intelligent. They coalesce into different forms, such as Big Pharma and the FDA. Because Cannabis cannot be patented, pharmaceuticals would lose trillions of dollars in sales over decades to a natural plant that anyone could grow in their backyard. While these elite groups benefit financially, we continue to be victimized by a senseless and unjust legal system. The repercussions of this hoax are huge. While some people will comply with an unreasonable law simply because it is law, many people will not.

The most successful system for prohibiting Cannabis has been to deny employment for using the plant. People who could be benefiting from the medicinal qualities of this plant are denied access because of legal implications. Instead, the system replaces this beautiful natural creation with dangerous prescription drugs as your only alternative. It is an elaborate hoax engineered to the detriment of the common people. Blue collar, hardworking folks suddenly cannot use medical Cannabis for fear of being fired. Instead, they are turned on to the fatally dangerous, addictive alternative of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Our coworkers, friends and family coping with grief, stress or pain therefore have limited choices, and none of them are very appealing. Abstinence from marijuana is a prerequisite for employment almost everywhere. If you want a job, you cannot smoke pot. Touch pot while you are employed and you will be paranoid for thirty days, hoping to avoid an injury or random urinalysis. Get caught smoking pot while employed and you will be terminated. Regardless of your work ethic and your will to work, the system will have you fired for using a plant that cures cancer. Our law says Cannabis is as equally dangerous as LSD, MDMA and Heroin, and Cannabis is more dangerous than cocaine, meth, and oxycontin. It is an ignorant rating system that ranks drugs in that order, and it actually hurts the credibility of those that champion the law. The physicians know it, the States know it, the legislators know it, and the people are learning it!

In recorded history, Cannabis has never caused death or overdose. People are learning about decades of propaganda and standing up against the tyranny. Ultimately the movement to reform Cannabis laws is winning. Folks that continue to support the uncivilized philosophies of the past will be left behind. Invest in Cannabis now, the time is right. The movement is happening now. It will win, and soon. If you are Pro420 please show your support and spread the word!

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Orwell Tesla Jefferson

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