PRO420 Scissors

PRO 420 Scissors include the Bonsai Classic hand held scissors with a non stick coating on the blades to reduce resin build up and allow for easy cleaning.  Large handles help your hands stay blister free during harvest.  The PRO 420 Spring Loaded scissors have a built in spring, which helps keep it in place during use.  The padded handles reduce strain and the non stick coating reduces resin buildup and helps promote easy cleaning.

Both pairs are useful for different tasks during the growing season and throughout harvest.  Although larger shears will be required for stalk cutting, the PRO 420 Scissors are ideal for manicure work with shade leaves and flowers.

PRO 420 Sticky Scissor Solution is a clean and easy way to keep your scissors functioning properly.  The jar of cleaning solution has a slotted sponge that can hold the scissors and clean them.  Simply slot the blades into the jar and wipe clean.  The solution has hemp oil mixed into the ISO Alcohol, helping the blades remain slick and resin resistant.

PRO 420 has your all in one trimming kit ready for your next harvest.

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Showing all 12 results